It`s me Dave From N.Y.M, I have some tips and info
to help you build your Online Business.

Is online business solving your core issues:

Time and M0_ney?
YES and NO. It depends on what
and how you do it.

of the biggest and deadly mistakes most people make is that

they grab the generic affiliate page provided by a vendor
and start promoting it like crazy.
Sure method to lose time and money!

Same pages, looking identical, promoted by a horde of

This is like a “Russian Roulette”…if you get a sale it is
pure luck.

You can fix that!  make your own Splash/Squeeze
Page, write yourself  2-5 letters
and add your
affiliate link and connect the page through an

and… Voila!

You have your own sales funnel…and you stand
out of the crowd.

It`s really easy. Even newbies can do this! It`s
not rocket science.
And it comes with many more
advantages than you can imagine.

Your unique page gets the prospects ‘attention,
and when you sleep, the Autoresponder  does
the work for you, keeping your subscribers
engaged and making sure they know about your

Brand yourself and your business through a
simple Blog or Website
and watch your business

Second…Make sure you are NOT using free
tools because they brand… the provider and not
you and your business.

Third…Make sure you do not spend a fortune
on various tools, but find a platform that has
ALL the tools integrated, and a small price.

Give yourself the chance to earn more than you

is the business building platform
I am using, and
it provides me
all the tools every marketer needs under
the same roof, from Hosting
to Autoresponder, an
all-in-one solution that costs so little.

You can “Take A Tour” at no cost for you.

In addition, AIOP has an amazing Affiliate Plan that pays
on the Basic sale. They also provide Ready-made
marketing materials,
you just have to plug and play.

Would you like to know more about how you can get a
system that in return pays you for using it?
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Good Luck In All You Do..

Dave K.