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Banner Ads: Achieving A Higher Conversion Ratio


Banner Ads: Achieving A Higher Conversion Ratio

When they were first introduced banner ads literally became a rage. Everyone wanted to click on those colorful, flashy ads. One could throw in a couple of cool looking banners in a website and voila, there you have clicks and tons of money generated through them.

The more appealing the banners, the more was the surety of clicks. Apart from being an excellent alternative to television advertising, banner ads also provided an enhanced visual appeal to the website. The money that the banners generated with clicks acted like a cherry on top!

In today’s world, the things are a little different, with passage of time, people have learnt to ignore or simply pass by a banner ad. Internet users have matured since the late nineties and now they know what it does and why it is there. This phenomenon is known as banner blindness and is one of the biggest headaches faced by a webmaster or a web designer in deciding which or what banner ad to place. Unless the website visitors really need a product, they won’t click on that banner.

Conversion ratio relates to the conversion of a viewed banner to a clicked banner. I.e. the number of times a banner viewed by a visitor is actually clicked by a visitor.

Now the obvious question arises, how can I achieve a higher conversion ratio? The answer to these questions lies in effective selection, management and placement of a banner advertisement.

Placement – Proper usage of banner ads would still fetch money for your bank account. Well many companies are still doing it, and so can you. Initially, when the banner ad era came, banners were just available in standard sizes only. This created problems in proper placement of banner ads. To tackle this problem, there were only two possible solutions, either you place them anywhere and carry on with a haphazard looking website design or build your web design around the banner ads. Most of the professional webmasters chose the latter but because of lack of proper web design skills, many rookies were stuck with the first choice.

Size – A big change that has come since the time when banner ads first came is that back then they were usually of one common size. People grew over them and learnt to ignore them which caused banner blindness to many websites. Different sizes and shapes of banners ads were then conceptualized to tackle this problem. Research has shown that people click some banner ads more than other banner ads because of their size and shapes.

Choose Wisely – A greater variety in banner ads not only means that banner ads would become more ‘clickable’, it also means that now even rookie webmasters are able to better incorporate these banner ads into their website without compromising their web design. Now, instead of putting banner ads in common places, we can have them in headers, footers, sidebars and in-between the content also. Doing this takes the visitors by surprise and because they are not hoping to see a banner there and as such are likely to be more open to the idea of clicking on a banner advertisement.

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