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North Yorkshire Marketing

is hosted by: All In One Profits (AIOP for short) and it is also our prefered method of making money for our business.
It is a marketing system, which makes money! Not just pennies, but REAL money.
If you are like many people, who are dreaming about making a fortune online - THIS is your chance.

David Kinghorn @ North Yorkshire Marketing has teamed up with
Free Advertising For You (Fafy), to promote All In One Profits (AIOP)

My AIOP (All In One Profits) Story,

It’s now two years since I joined All In One Profits, referrals have come and gone and my earnings have been
good, bad and just plain awful…
But hold fire a minute why did I join AIOP, was it just to make a lot of money with their affiliate program,
or did I have other reasons for joining this fantastic friendly company.

The fact is that I needed Hosting for my Website and an Autoresponder to get my messages out,
AIOP just seemed as though it might fit the bill, after all $11.50 dollars is a fantastic price
to pay for "Hosting and an Autoresponder", let alone all the other stuff you get with it!

Well I was right, they turned out to be just what the doctor ordered, after joining I approached them to increase the
Disc usage and Bandwidth on my Hosting Account, which they agreed to do for a one of payment, this was the first time
that I had used their support and I was very pleased with their response.

Just recently I decided that I would like to change my sponsor, to do that I had to cancel my account, and open a new one
under a new sponsor.
I had already decided that I wanted to join the FafyAIOP Team promoting AIOP
(All In One Profits),

What I hadn’t taken into consideration, was the fact that I would need to move my Domain and all the files associated with it,
also all the campaigns and messages, would have to be moved from my old Autoresponder to the Autoresponder in my new account.

I sent a support message to AIOP, Isabella then got in touch and explained what was needed, so after Christmas I signed up
for my new account at Fafy’s and then got in touch with AIOP, they then proceeded to change everything over from my old
account to my new account, “Free Of Charge” Yes I Just Love All In One Profits.

David Kinghorn
If you would like to learn more about All In One Profits
and FreeAdvertisingForYou Sign up "Here"

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