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“SFI is the best program for sharing growth strategies with a team of friendly, like-minded entrepreneurs. We’re all in this together! The learning tools are awesome and easy to follow. You get rewarded for your efforts and track your daily progress. Great ‘Success Badges’ – top motivators. Join us TODAY! ”
Jacqueline Samuels
United Kingdom


“For many years now I’ve been searching for a genuine online home business where I can generate a second income stream. I’ve tried many so called Internet income programs which only offer empty promises. One day I stumbled across SFI and it made my day. It’s genuine, authentic and an excellent business. Since I signed up, I’ve learned a lot and have also made money. I say 3 cheers for SFI. ”
Delma Aurdett Kirk
United Kingdom

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“It must have been by providence that SFI became known to me, (just an ad out of the blue), and I have never been more excited in my life! To have an owner that actually works on a daily basis in the trenches with his affiliates, is beyond joy for me. And such an amazingly run system, with continuous improvements, and a family feeling that is second to none. SFI has given me life, where there was nothing but struggle and failure. Out of the ashes I am rising once again, and truth is my standard now! Thank you Gery Carson and thank you to all in our Family at SFI.”
Peter Bechtold
United States

“I spent almost three years looking for something like SFI on the Internet. SFI was everything I was looking for and more. Thanks SFI, and a big thanks to all my friends for all your support. SFI IS THE REAL THING!”
United States

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